Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lazzy day

Outfit Details:
Shirt- Jcrew
Shorts- UO
belt- thrifted
Shoes- I forget but they were only 6$
Headband- American Apparel

This is me on a lazy/casual day. I was mostly cleaning and such today. I think I only left my house to go food shopping for my mom and I made a quick visit at my boyfriend's house.

My mom and I are starting a little ebay business to get rid of some unwanted things we have that are worth a bit more money than we can get at a garage sale. So far I'll be selling a coach hand bag and a crazy pair of nike's. I used to love crazy sneakers. Haha, oh have times changed.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photo shoot!

Meet the lovely Elona, the model for my shoot today.

With this shoot I just wanted to concentrate on lighting. I wanted really bright and natural kind of photos. I'm lacking creative idea's for shoots these days but I still need to practice so I thought that would be a good way to keep up with shooting.
Elona was very easy to work with I barely had to direct her, she is a wonderful model.
And now on to what she is wearing...

Outfit Details:
Cardigan- J Crew
Cami- Express
Skirt- Charlotte Russe
Shoes- Liz Claiborne
Watch- Fossil
Earrings- Old Navy

My next shoot will be more involved and creative. Or at least I hope so. I'm already starting to think of some ideas as I was editing these photo's.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DIY and pandas!

excuse the weird look, the train was coming

Outfit details:
Shirt- Banana Republic outfit for 5$!
Skirt- UO for 10$
Shoes- UO
Necklace- made by myself, better image of it down below

So, the necklace I mentioned in my previous post was actually 175$, not 275$, but expensive none the less. This is the necklace from Free People:

And here is my 25$ version. The neat thing with this is you can change the necklace whenever you want. All I did was simply pin and clip the pendant to the chain and vwa-la! You can change the pendents and ribbon to match your outfit and what not too. Once I get more broaches and things I would like to change it a bit.

I was feeling quite down today. So my boyfriend and I took a trip to Philly and I purchased this lovely thing to perk myself up. I've always been a HUGE panda lover so this fit in well with my collection. Isn't it just so cute =] Panda's could just perk up anyone's day and if they don't you have no soul. Hehe not really, but how could you resist they're cute liddle faces without smiling.

Friday, July 23, 2010

my beloved boots

Outfit details:
Shirt- Hand-me-down from a friend
Dress- Free People, a gift from zee boyfriend
tights- A christmas gift (my mom gave me a HUGE box filled black with tights)
Vintage roper boots- Etsy
Belt- Nordstrums

It's not quite cool enough for tights and boots but I was dying to get back into my boots. They are that one thing in my closet I could never part with. Even if they get so beat up that I could no longer wear them I'd probably still keep them. Im not sure even exactly why. I guess you could say we have been through a lot together. I don't know... Is this weird? Do any of you have odd attachments to a piece of clothing?

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kimono love

Outfit details:
Kimono dress- Etsy
Shoes- Benjamin Lovell's
Hair piece- was once my grandmother's
Jade bracelet- a gift from my aunt bought in China
Other bracelet- Plato's Closet, Luckybrand

I just love freely receiving vintage items passed down from my grandmother. It's the best kind of vintage! =]

Today I made a necklace made purely of vintage charms, pendants, earrings, and broaches that I've been collecting for quite some time now. I was inspired but a necklace I saw from Free People. Their necklace was $275. And well mine coast about $25. I'll show a comparison photo later this week.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

the beautiful barclay farmsted

Outfit details:
Shirt- H&M
Skirt- Tanger Outlets in Rehobeth
Necklace- Juicy Couture, a graduation gift from my mom
Shoes- UO

Brian and I went to the Barclay farmsted today. Today was the first day in weeks that the heat was bearable enough to go out somewhere outside. So we decided to do a mini photo shoot. Im not to great at modeling so I'm in the process of finding some models to shoot instead of doing self portraits all the time for practice. I have a shoot with a model wednesday if all goes as planned. Im excited =]

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

awkward faces

Outfit Details:
Floral Tunic- thrifted
belt- thrifted
shorts- UO
shoes- UO
necklace- a boutique, a gift from my mom

I was having an off kind of day today so most of the photographs had my eyes half open or I was making an awkward face. I was just having one of those spacey kind of days I guess. So please excuse my poor modeling.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

finally some photographs!

I had an absolutely lovely day filled with photographs, antique shops, and laying around outside on a perfect summer day. I really havn't picked up my camera and really took some photo's in sooo long. It was nice and I'm going to start doing it more often.

Now to the outfit I wore...

NOooo again with the underline, i dont know how to fix it... it just happens randomly sometimes. Any way. Please excuse my goofy expression. That is what most of my pictures ever look like. I just feel awkward when I have my picture taken... even when im the one taking the picture.

Outfit details:
Vintage Dress: Etsy
Tights: Modcloth
Shoes: Benjamin Levels

Monday, July 19, 2010


Outfit details:
Shirt: Free People from lohemans
Shorts: UO
Shoes: Benjamin Levels
Necklace: A jewelry shop somewhere near my aunt's house, a gift from mother
Earrings: Somewhere in Utah, a gift from my boyfriend's parents

My boyfriend just got back from utah and i was showered with lovely gifts!

I just love dream catchers and I do have a small collection. So of course I love the gifts. I just thought I'd share them because they are so lovely. And because I was bored and decided to take pictures of them.

This week I bought a sun flower at the farmers market. I just love flowers and photographing them. I especially love sun flowers. I hope to one day have a whole bunch of them blossoming around my back yard.