Tuesday, July 20, 2010

finally some photographs!

I had an absolutely lovely day filled with photographs, antique shops, and laying around outside on a perfect summer day. I really havn't picked up my camera and really took some photo's in sooo long. It was nice and I'm going to start doing it more often.

Now to the outfit I wore...

NOooo again with the underline, i dont know how to fix it... it just happens randomly sometimes. Any way. Please excuse my goofy expression. That is what most of my pictures ever look like. I just feel awkward when I have my picture taken... even when im the one taking the picture.

Outfit details:
Vintage Dress: Etsy
Tights: Modcloth
Shoes: Benjamin Levels


  1. I love that dress and those photos are beautiful. Sounds like you had a really nice day.

  2. i love that dress and i love that dog!! so flippin cute!!! :) xoxo

  3. Cute outfit! I love the second picture. :) That dress is fantastic. I love Etsy, but have never bought anything from there sadly.

    I love antiquing! Sounds like fun.


  4. P.S.-The picture on your header I actually did a watercolour painting of! I'll have to post it on my blog soon so you can see. :) xx

  5. I lovelovelove that dress! It looks great on you! These photos are really amazing lady :]

  6. OMG those tights are amazing!! I love it! Cute dog!

    Stacey Kay
    "Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration"

  7. I am in love with that dress! It is gorgeous! :) You look very pretty.

  8. Your whole outfit is adorable! I think I have those same tights from Modcloth...they are my favorite pair:). Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I love your blog. You have such lovely pics.