Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Studio day

FInallly, I have taken some pictures to talk about. Welll, today was studio day in my photography class at school and we basically just took photos of each other with the studio lights. We used medium format cameras and i took a few with my digital camera. I was a tad disapointed(spelling?) with how mine turned out but i felt rushed because a lot of people needed to shoot after me. Plus, I have studio lights and I felt selfish taking too much time up if most of the people in my class never even used studio lights before, you know? Well here are a few shots from today...

yeaaaa, so thasss it! well at least these are my favorite ones. the rest are crap OR just messing around with people for fun and shtuff. I wanted to go for an honest simple kind of feel. I would have preferred white background at first, but after seeing how they turned out on black Im glad I used it. Gahh what else to say? I got this blog so i could learn how to talk about my photos and I'm already doing a crappy job.. Oooo vweelll.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I just bought some pretty nice gloves from etsy for prom. They're black, long, and lacey, just how I wanted. The description said they're from a 1970's opera. Here's a picture:

It's a crappy picture but i'll take a better one when they arrive.

I'm actually planning, what I think to be, an awesome photoshoot. I'm going to have my whole prom vintage get up on and I'm not sure where it'll be. I need to find a good location. BUT I'm going to print it on glass and make it look almost like one of those glass negatives from back in the day. I'm pretty pumped to see how it all works out.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ill get to the photography posts eventually. I've been busy. In the meantime, heres some pictures from prom...
my hair and make-up. i actually liked it surprisingly. everyother time iv'e ever made my make-up done i hated it.

brian and i =]

group shot. it was hard to get all 14 of us looking at the camera and smiling/ there was like 10 cameras taking pictures at once.

Prom was fun. Although im really excited for my prom (this was my boyfreinds prom) BECAUSE im wearing the best dress ever. it's from the 1940's but it looks like the dress from titanic. that red one Rose wore before she attempted to jump off the boat. IM SO EXCITED. It was only $130 too. and for an antique dress in perfect condition is a crazzyy good deal. im going to get lace elbow legnth gloves too and it'll be just fabulous. im trying to persaude Brain to wear a top hat or somthin too.

Monday, April 19, 2010

American Apparel.

So, i guess my first official post will be somewhat fashion related.

My friend from school is helping me get a job at american apparel and i had to take pictures of myself because they need them when hiring. Apperantly they only hire people that are some-what good looking and that wear their style of clothing. Here is the mess i came up with:
please excuse the blue bra strap. i didnt realize until after the pictures were taken that it was really badly showing so i had to get my friend to take a better one. ALSO, excuse the terrible posture and facial expression. my mother was slightly irretating me while she was taking these pictures and im just not a morning person.

Yea, so I hope I get the job because I'm quite desperate for a new one. I need some money for college and studying abroad and other things of that nature.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


First off, I think this blog will be mostly about photography, some fashion, and some personal stuff. Well, at least those are my intentions.

So, I'm here, blogging, because of many reasons.
1) I follow a few blogs and it'll be easier to follow them if I have an account.
2) It's a good way for me to get used to talking about my photography, art work, ect. It's an important skill to learn, especially for college, ya know?
3) I love taking about vintage clothing and things of that nature. I don't have many girl friends  so I don't get many oppurunities (by the way I'm terrible at spelling, get used to it) to share the excitement of finding new vintage treasures with.
4) I dont know, there's more reasons but those were the main ones.

Okay, I guess I should share some personal stuff now right?
1)This is me:
this is the only normal regular smile kind of picture i could find of myself so excuse the crappy-ness of it.

2) I have a very cute dog. As shown hheree:
Her name is Riley. This was taken on the weekend it snowed like 30 inches. She loves the snow.

3)I like photography. Heres a randomly selected photograph:
this was taken at longwood gardens of fall 2009. i use a nikon d200. this particular picture was taken with a macro lens, obviously, and i believe i used this in my portfolio when applying to college.
My favorite kind of photography would be portraits. I have trouble finding models though. SO IF YOU EVER WANT YOUR PICTURE TAKEN LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I"D LOVE TO DO A SHOOT WITH ANYBODY. Really, it's true so don't be shy to ask =]. I need all the practice i can get. I love doing vintage inspired shoots too. I also really like taking pictures of flowers, hence this flower picture. Going to the zoo to take pictures is fun too but its extremely exhausting.

Yeup =]