Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free People Spring 2011

How lovely are these photographs! I was so in love with all of them as i flipped through the catalog. The warm tones and beautiful lighting are perfection. Oh and of course the clothing is lovely as well, as always. Each piece is so feminine and bohemian, seriously, I'm in love. I was even more thrilled to see the shoot took place in Paris! It makes me so excited to go. Less than two months!

Dorm decor?

I made this bad boy. I forgot to put a little seed bead in the string though =[

Ya, so I've been trying to personalize my dorm more with art work I made, and have collected and such. Im liking how it's coming together for the most part. I really just want to fill the room with the as much art as I possibly can. I don't really care if it looks cluttered either. I just want to be inspired when I look at my walls, not bored. Ya know?