Tuesday, August 3, 2010

lovely lovely summer

Outfit Details:
Tanktop- Hand-me-down from a friend
Lace top- target
Skirt- Free People via Plato's Closet
Shoes- UO
Headband- Made by myself
Necklace- Some shop in Arizona

So I went shopping yesterday!! For the first time in a long time, well a long to for me at least which is about a little over a month I'd say. I bought mostly fall clothes so you probably will not be seeing me wearing them for a while due to the horrible heat.

I will be moving out of my house for the first time ever in my life in three weeks and I am freaking out just a bit. It's just a weird thought. And I'm not too sure of how college dorm life will treat me but I have a feeling I won't be to fond of it. I'm most likely having a three person dorm room, which is the same size as a two person dorm but with more furniture and one more person. GAHHH. I haven't even received my roomates yet which makes me more nervous. This summer has gone by SOOO fast. Way way to fast.

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  1. My experience living in a dorm room was a cramped one but an AWESOME one. And I'm sure you'll have fun decorating the place and making it more "home".

    I just went fall shopping the other day too and I can't WAIT to get more. :D Haha

  2. Nice lace top!
    Im moving to my dorm in late september, Im already in the process of changing rooms :/
    hope you blog your experiences and have you done any shopping for it yet?


  3. cute headband! i've been meaning to make one because it's so much cheaper and they look just as good (your post, case & point :]). but alas, it's just added to the to-do-but-probably-won't-get-done list.

    & as for dorm life, it's a big adjustment at first. but it's also alot of fun! there's always something going on and everyone else is in the same boat, so they're eager to be friends. i promise :] but i COMPLETELY agree, summer has flown by. i'm not ready for it to end

  4. Have fun moving into your dorm. During my first year I roomed in a small suite w/ 6 other girls and it was so much fun. Though it is an adjustment, I'm sure you'll love it. You look beautiful here...love that skirt (so unique) and that headband..adorable:-)

  5. Oh, you look so pretty! That skirt is awesome; it's like a fairy skirt.

    And don't worry about dorm life! I dreaded it so much; I'm a total introvert, so the idea of living with another person in a tiny room was the worst prospect. However, I ended up absolutely loving the dorms! You make so many friends, and there's always something fun going on in somebody's room. Don't worry, you'll have so much fuuuun! :D I miss college!

  6. So pretty and I love the necklace

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  8. I'm in the same exact situation as you and feeling the same exact way. I go away in three weeks as well and am slightly freaking out. It's awful that you haven't found out your roommate yet, but I think the longer a school takes to match you to a roommate the more time they put into making them a great match. I just found out mine, and after talking to her, she is perfect (she even likes the same weird crafts as me haha) Don't worry, everything works out in the end.

    Anyways, I am in love with your skirt and shrug!

    The Girl in the Paper Dress

  9. that skirt is beautiful <3
    and I can't believe you made that headband yourself, wow :)

    thanks so much for nominating me in the blog awards, really means a lot.
    best of luck the move. let us know how it goes :)


  10. how lovely is that skirt! you are gorgeous!
    I also like your blog!

  11. you've got such an adorable style!!! love it!!

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    XOXO, Olya


  12. Fun outfit!


  13. so cute! :)


  14. I luuuv your style!(: So girly and cute! (luv the little details of the dress!)

  15. Where do I begin? Everything about this is so lovely. I love the detail on your skirt and your cute necklace! You've got it going on in this outfit lady. x

  16. I just came across your blog and I love your style. New follower!!! How did you make the flower for the headband. I've been wanting to make something like this. Also, love your outfit. You look adorable and I may or may not try to recreate this look:)


  17. Lovely patchwork bits on your skirt and I also love your dreamcatcher necklace!

  18. I absolutely love your blog, and I'm so happy that I found it! I've joined your following as well. I start university this fall, though I don't have to clear quarters until May, so best wishes to your adventure:)

    Amber Rose

  19. FLOWER PIC TWINS!!!! AHH! Loving your blog, and Plato's closet rules :)

  20. ADORABLE. i llove your skirt! :D

  21. love that skirt-- free people is da bomb.