Monday, September 6, 2010

home for the weekend

Outfit Details-
Sweater: Anthropologie
Shirt: Forever 21
Highwasted Pants: UO
Bag: Fossil Outlet
Shoes: Steve Madden

So I went home this weekend for labor day. I wasn't originally going to come home from school this quick but everyone was going home on campus so i decided i would visit home. I went home by train and it was quite confusing because I had to take two different ones to get where I needed to go. I got a little lost and it took a little longer than expected but I successfully got home. I met up with zee boyfriend in Philly and we did a bit of shopping. I got this sweater on sale at anthropologie. They had SOO much cute things on sale, winter/fall stuff included so I'd advise you to go to the one nearest to you and take a look.
The second day I was home everyone wanted to feed me (I haven't been eating much here at school due to gross food and lack of food for vegetarians) so Brian took me out for lunch then my parents took me out for dinner. I was so stuffed by the end of the day.

Any way, college has been getting a little better. Im still not completely used to living here but i guess that will just come with time. Thanks to everybody for their supporting comments.


  1. You look lovely! That cardigan is adorable. :)
    Happy to hear college is getting better, despite the gross food.

  2. I agree with Nicole you do look lovely!
    Im glad things are a little better for you.
    I dnt know how im going to cope being in a different city from my bf :(


  3. i love the first photo, it should be on lookbook ♥ thank you for the comments, you are always lovely

  4. You got a very cute sweater. I love your polka dot blouse. It's really pretty. Hope college gets better soon :)

  5. Great outfit and I love your bag...and shoes...and cardigan..ok i love everything

  6. You look lovely! I adore everything.
    xoxo Debby

  7. oh how i love Anthro.
    you look beautiful...
    when i was in college it took me like 3 months to finally feel at home in the dorms & being 8hrs away from my parents didnt help.
    it will def get better.. :)

  8. lol all my shoots are film, the last one did look a bit digital though lol. I ran out of colour film, and deided to start on my black and white roll :)


  9. I totally totally feel your pain with the food thing! I'm a vegetarian too, and often find myself stuck for things to have - there's only so many times you can have pasta or a potato! Especially when I go out, theres NO choice at all, it gets me quite stressed sometimes haha.

    You're really pretty! Loving the polka dots :)

  10. Trains are so confusing-- and that's when I have my family/friends helping. So a thousand points to you for making it! :)

  11. Oh I just love finding things at Anthropologie on sale and that cardigan was a beautiful find. In Philly - were you at the Anthro on Walnut St? That's my favorite one - the architecture of that old building is awesome. I love how you paired the cardigan w/ the polka dot blouse - gorgeous. Best wishes at college. And yeah, I feel for you on the food issue - it just makes coming home to home cooked food that much better:)

  12. Yay you're back to posting outfit pictures! You are such an inspiration to me and I wish I could put things together in the way that you do.
    I'm sorry to hear about the food at school! Ours isn't that stellar either so I just load up on the salads and fruits.

  13. That sweater is to darn perfect! I love the way you styled it up! Seriously, perfect outfit!

  14. This whole outfit is absolutely adorable. The trim of the neckline of your blouse really makes it something special, and the bag and shoes are to die for! I have a question, actually: how do those Steve Maddens run? Is there an issue with the creasing of the shoe for like, when you flex your foot? I've been trying to find the perfect pair of brogues.

    Also, I'm sure college will work out for you just fine. It seems that just a bit more of feeling around is in order. Best of luck!

  15. I love the polkadot print on your cardi! It looks like a peter pan collar disguised as a scarf-- so cute! :D You look adorable.

    Good luck with college, I'm sure it'll settle in with you soon! I have to do that next year so.. :)

  16. home sweeeet home , there is no place like a home :)

    btw i love the outfit but i am still trying to figure out if the peter pan collar polka dots is a blouse or its actually the cardi

    but it was a great outfit cause i love peter pan collars and Polka Dots ♥ woot

    and i think that being a Vegan is really cool , i wish i could be one too in future , i am slowly cutting off on red meat now..step by step because i cant tolerate animal slaughter

  17. Your look so incredibly cute, I covet that blue and white polka dot blouse. And with that sand-colored cardigan, how divine...

    I have a couple of friends who're going to college for the first time-- most are lucky to already have some sort of home base. However, not everyone is like that, because college is when your boundaries are pushed. I know I was absolutely daunted, worried I'd be lost on my way to my first class. Now I see the freshmen with the campus maps in hand, and I think "wow, I'm old," but in a funny way. Don't worry, you'll be that kid laughing silently at the freshmen before you know it. :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  18. I went home this weekend too! And it was the exact same thing- wasn't going to, but everyone else was, so I did :) Hehe. It was fun.

    I LOVE your outfit! The polka dot shirt is SOOO cute and I love that sweater!

  19. your polka dot collar is the best!

  20. Adorable outfit! I love that shirt--I saw a similar one at H&M and wanted to buy it. I am loving the Fall fashions this year!

    Good luck with your continued school, darling. ♥