Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dorm decor?

I made this bad boy. I forgot to put a little seed bead in the string though =[

Ya, so I've been trying to personalize my dorm more with art work I made, and have collected and such. Im liking how it's coming together for the most part. I really just want to fill the room with the as much art as I possibly can. I don't really care if it looks cluttered either. I just want to be inspired when I look at my walls, not bored. Ya know?


  1. I love decorating my room, it's like we're all birds collecting beads and shiny things to add to our nest. :) I personally love your little Christmas lights (I have some in mine, too!), it makes it look so cozy.

    Toast with Charmalade

  2. I love the lights! I have some in my room too. The photos look great!

  3. ooh i love what you've done with it so far! i'm trying to do this with my room too.


  4. i love the dreamcatcher. so nice! x

  5. Oh, I need to do that. But I won't, because I never decorate. I think it's really pretty though!

  6. Yes i love this, ive been trying to do a similar thing with my new room
    This looks lovely :)