Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Studio day

FInallly, I have taken some pictures to talk about. Welll, today was studio day in my photography class at school and we basically just took photos of each other with the studio lights. We used medium format cameras and i took a few with my digital camera. I was a tad disapointed(spelling?) with how mine turned out but i felt rushed because a lot of people needed to shoot after me. Plus, I have studio lights and I felt selfish taking too much time up if most of the people in my class never even used studio lights before, you know? Well here are a few shots from today...

yeaaaa, so thasss it! well at least these are my favorite ones. the rest are crap OR just messing around with people for fun and shtuff. I wanted to go for an honest simple kind of feel. I would have preferred white background at first, but after seeing how they turned out on black Im glad I used it. Gahh what else to say? I got this blog so i could learn how to talk about my photos and I'm already doing a crappy job.. Oooo vweelll.

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