Monday, April 19, 2010

American Apparel.

So, i guess my first official post will be somewhat fashion related.

My friend from school is helping me get a job at american apparel and i had to take pictures of myself because they need them when hiring. Apperantly they only hire people that are some-what good looking and that wear their style of clothing. Here is the mess i came up with:
please excuse the blue bra strap. i didnt realize until after the pictures were taken that it was really badly showing so i had to get my friend to take a better one. ALSO, excuse the terrible posture and facial expression. my mother was slightly irretating me while she was taking these pictures and im just not a morning person.

Yea, so I hope I get the job because I'm quite desperate for a new one. I need some money for college and studying abroad and other things of that nature.

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