Sunday, April 18, 2010


First off, I think this blog will be mostly about photography, some fashion, and some personal stuff. Well, at least those are my intentions.

So, I'm here, blogging, because of many reasons.
1) I follow a few blogs and it'll be easier to follow them if I have an account.
2) It's a good way for me to get used to talking about my photography, art work, ect. It's an important skill to learn, especially for college, ya know?
3) I love taking about vintage clothing and things of that nature. I don't have many girl friends  so I don't get many oppurunities (by the way I'm terrible at spelling, get used to it) to share the excitement of finding new vintage treasures with.
4) I dont know, there's more reasons but those were the main ones.

Okay, I guess I should share some personal stuff now right?
1)This is me:
this is the only normal regular smile kind of picture i could find of myself so excuse the crappy-ness of it.

2) I have a very cute dog. As shown hheree:
Her name is Riley. This was taken on the weekend it snowed like 30 inches. She loves the snow.

3)I like photography. Heres a randomly selected photograph:
this was taken at longwood gardens of fall 2009. i use a nikon d200. this particular picture was taken with a macro lens, obviously, and i believe i used this in my portfolio when applying to college.
My favorite kind of photography would be portraits. I have trouble finding models though. SO IF YOU EVER WANT YOUR PICTURE TAKEN LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I"D LOVE TO DO A SHOOT WITH ANYBODY. Really, it's true so don't be shy to ask =]. I need all the practice i can get. I love doing vintage inspired shoots too. I also really like taking pictures of flowers, hence this flower picture. Going to the zoo to take pictures is fun too but its extremely exhausting.

Yeup =]

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