Thursday, May 6, 2010

Self portraits

Since I'm trying to motivate myself to find more time to shoot, I'll be doing more self portraits just because it's difficult and takes a lot of planning to get a shoot with a model together. Soooo I'm going to try to do one shoot a week. Here is my week one i guess... view larger

My intentions for this didn't quiet follow through as much as I hoped. This is mostly because I am not the greatest model and I was really grossed out with standing in this puddle of dirty warm water and mud. I was planning on getting all muddy and doing some head shots and stuff. I wanted to do like a doll kind of little girl type thing. I don't know. I can't describe what I was going for.... I'm not the greatest with translating my thoughts into words. Over all, and even though it didn't come out how I intended, I kinda like this photo.

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