Monday, June 28, 2010

Being crafty

I guess you can call this my self portrait of the week. I'm going to start that again and hopefully actually keep up with it this time! I wanted to get a kind of messy film kind of picture out of this one. I tried to make this look like it had a light leak and lots of grain and contrasty colors on photoshop. I added a cloud texture just because I liked it. And i wanted it to look kind of just like a snap shot that wasnt set up. I dont know....

I made this necklace out of boredom. I used charms and pendants from old jewelry I don't wear any more. That center broach there is vintage past down to me from my step-dad's grandmother. The rest is just poop from target, UO, and Jo Ann Fabric's.


  1. Oh my gashhh Photoshop is OS complicated to use!
    But I like what you did to the photo...and that neckalace is ust LUSH.
    I want it my love

  2. cool DIY. looks really nice with that black ensemble.

  3. I love your necklace, it's a beautiful and unique piece! I like the centre broach best =).