Wednesday, June 30, 2010

too hot

Very simple outfit. Due to extreme heat and humidity.
Outfit Details:
Dress: UO, a gift from Brian
Fringe bag: Im not sure, it's so old and I've used it for so long (3 years now).
Shoes: UO

I have yet to do anything productive still. I think about taking pictures all the time. I havn't done a photoshoot in SO LONG and I have the resources. I have models I can use and everything. And I see locations all the time that I'd love to take pictures of. So I'm blaming my laziness on the heat. I'm going to the Pocanoes soon (north east america along a mountain range, for those who arnt familiar) and it's very pretty there so i will take pictures although they wont be of models, I'll still be taking pictures.


  1. That dress is adorable! Love the shoes as well :)

  2. oh this is really cute! love the shots!

  3. you are absolutely adorable and your dress is as well :)

  4. i love that dress on you! you look beautiful!!!

  5. cute pictures. love the simple outfit. :) it's been so hot out lately! and yeah, i get picture ideas ALL the time and sometimes it's in places i won't be able to go because it's someone else's property haha.

    following your blog!

    enjoy the day!

    with love,

    rachel xx

  6. hey, thanks for commenting! :] i feel the exact same way! it is so freaking humid out that i want to wear the least amount/thinest clothes possible haha. love the dress, saw it at UO. but i have too many floral dresses already

    & i have these shoes too! aren't they comfy?

  7. We have the same dress! :D lol How cool! I LOVE the way you dress! and you take REALLY good pictures! (: Thanks a bunch for commenting and following, it's nice to know that others read the little write, so thanks again! (:


    Oh and I'm following you back too! I really like your blog :)