Friday, June 11, 2010

My last day of high school...

the first, and sadly last, graduating seniors of the avid program as well as my goofy and inspiring teacher.

my avid study group and tutor

im not sure about this one...

my foundations of art table

my photo buddies

It feels so weird to be graduating. As much as I've always said I dislike high school I'm really going to miss some of the people I got to know. Some of my teachers and friends that I've gotten used to seeing every morning I might not see ever again after I go away to school and it's just weird. Plus I've grown so much over my past four years of high school, this year especially, and it's hard to believe I have to put them all behind me.
Although I am a tad upset about graduating, I am very excited for next year to pursue a degree in photography and marketing. I'm planning on visiting Ireland and study abroad in Italy while in college. The school I'm gong to has HUGE study abroad program so I'm most excited to do a lot of traveling.
Hmmm, well thats about all I have to say about that for now... I meant for this blog to be mostly about photography to motivate me to shoot more, but so far that has not been working out. Hopefully I'll get less lazy once I'm done with all this graduation stuff and I'll actually have more time to do things like that.

Oh and I was planning on taking photos of my outfit but I didn't. Here's the outfit details anyway...
Dress: Free People, a christmas gift from Brian
T-shirt: Lykke Li concert tee
Belt: Nordstrums for only 7 dollars!
Shoes: Urbanoutfitters

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