Thursday, June 3, 2010


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my lovely photography teacher and I, she's tha best =]

me and my mooma =]

PAVAS is the art show my high school hosts every year to honor the students dedicated to the art program. It stands for preforming and visual art society. yeuppp, and i received an entire wall of my own stuff because i was inducted =]

ps. i know i look like poop. it was a million degrees in that gym and i dressed to suit the conditions.


  1. Oh, you don't look like poop, hun. You look especially cute in the last picture. No lie! I like it. :D

    And your art wall is AWESOME! I tried to choose a favorite but had to give up.

  2. Your work looks so great! Well done and congrats

  3. hi mandy sorry to here you have banned me from your flkr account what ever.
    i have copied seven of your pics from yahoo flkr only ther ones with you in them i don't rate the rest of your bunch to childish and arty farty bye