Tuesday, May 11, 2010

help pleasesesesss.

Soooo, I'm a big free people fan. I've been wanting this particular top for a while hoping it'll eventually go on super sale. The best i found it was at Loehmans (spelling?) for forty dollars. This is a little more than i wanted to spend. I was think maybe I'd buy it for thirty, cause i mean, it's only a tank top, although it is hand embroirdered (GAH sorry, i reallllyyy cant spell, im not stupid i promise). So, I'm debating whether or not to keep it. Keep or no? Help?

Please excuse my demonic look. I get quite excited around my cat salem. She hates me for giving her too much love, so when i actually get to hold her with out her attempting to claw me, its always a good day. But i just dont get why she cant except my love....
stupid cat.

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