Thursday, May 27, 2010


Outfit details
Shirt: A Lykke Li concert
Skirt: Shop Ruche
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Made by me from old jewelry charms, this was my attempt to recycle
Bracelet: Gift from my aunt from India!

My high school's art show is coming up on tuesday and I've been franticly trying to get everything together. So i did a self portrait (the first one) to possibly use in the show because I wanted a fashionish kind of picture because I want to get more into that type of photography and yea. Later tonight I'll be printing and framing some of my digital pictures. Since I'm a senior and this is the last of my art shows at West and I get my own wall I want all my work to reflect my four years of being in the art program and what my interests are.


  1. the shirt and the necklace are amazing!

  2. Aw that picture of you spinning is so adorable! I am in love with that skirt, it has amazing detailing. All around beautiful color combination too!

  3. This outfit is so cute. I've fallen in love with that bracelet too, so intricate!
    Also, cool Lykke Li tshirt, I can't stop listening to little bit. It's sooo good!!

  4. love the colours and the outfit as well esp the necklace! :)

  5. Love that skirt, and the 2nd image!!

  6. Goodness, you are beautiful! I love this outfit, and especially these photos... it's like a mysterious walk-way into wonderland or Totoro's cave! lol :)

    Aya ♥