Thursday, May 13, 2010


So Brian wassss going to help me with a photoshoot today but we were too lazy. Then i felt bad that i didnt do it so i tried on my own and i came up with this:
I dont really like how i pieced it together but ill fix it later. I was messing with it for a while and i was getting frustrated. I wanted to get a clean kind of look for this. I scrubbed off all my make-up and pulled my hair back and tried to get as much lighting as possible, which was hard in my fairly dark room. I originally wanted to do a shoot outside and hang up sheets on clothes lines and go from there. Today would have been a perfect day, the whether was beautiful, BUT i ended up taking a two hour nap (by accident)... o wvelllll.

Monday I'm going to re-do the 120 film studio light thing project. Ill deffendly get a clean look with that photoshoot because ill have lighting and a model. It;s always hard to be aware of lighting when your modeling and taking the picture so I always prefer using models. So im quite excited.

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  1. are you kidding me! i LOVE how you 'pieced it together' the b&w is lovely and its a self portrait as well! when i do my own closeup things go wrong but yours looks so effortless!