Wednesday, May 12, 2010


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Iv'e been following this girls flikr for a while now and her style of photography is amazing. Her photos are so clean and birght and the lighting is always incredible. For my next shoot I'm going to make things a little simpler and focus on the lighting. I want to do a really bright and just airy kind of feel. I tried doing this for my photo class for school when we worked with studio lights and 120 film BUT MY FILM GOT ALL MESSED UP! The developer was exhausted and i used a broken thermoniter and i nder developed it. It sucks because i never messed up a roll of film till this one and i deffenly jinxed myself because a few days before i developed i said i never messed up developing before. GAHhhhhh. But I'll shoot again monday. Untill then I'm going to get my boyfriend help me do some self portraits outside.

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